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Overcrowded classrooms, budget deficits, sinking performance and graduation rates are making the headlines in many school districts.

Educators are frustrated with the lack of resources, challenging environments, and student apathy.

Curriculum overhauls and parent involvement have helped some districts steer to new paths of success.

Imagine expanding student workloads and enhancing educator productivity at the same time to yield improved student performance.

Classrooms and Learning

Educators have been warning about the impact of the lack of teaching materials has on classroom effectiveness and student discipline. The lack text books and teaching tools limits the learning methodologies that can be applied and handicaps students in tackling increasingly complex subjects.

Technology can easily transform a constrained classroom into a unconstrained virtual classroom. For example, a simple lesson plan can be transformed in to self-study tutorial. Combined with exercises and research assignments, the student can use online resources to gain learning parity that is no longer constrained by lack of printed materials.

Online homework, testing, and scoring can be used to streamline increased volumes of student work and optimize grading and success monitoring. Students who need additional help can raise their hand online for assistance.

Administration and Operations

Classrooms are not the only areas impacted by resource constraints. Administrative staffs are challenged to service large student populations.

Information technology can streamline key services such as registration, scheduling, and student record administration.

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