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Last reviewed: 7/15/2015

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HOW: Tracking movement with Kinect for Xbox One sensors

The information in this article applies to:

  • KinesicsKit 3


Kinect for Xbox One sensors with the Kinect Adapter for Windows support rendering color, depth, and body data in Windows applications.

More Information

The new Kinect for Xbox One sensors with the Kinect Adapter for Windows replace the Kinect for Windows sensors. The new sensor generates new data streams and formats: infrared, depth sensing, and 1080p color.

KinesicsKit 3 provides a new class library for managing image data capture. Simply use the Start method to turn on the sensor cameras to process data. To stop capturing data, simply use the Stop method to turn off the sensor cameras. Optionally, the Start method can specify the desired image data streams.

// Turn the sensor on to capture image data

// Turn the sensor off

The sensor includes an array microphone from which audio can be recorded. Simply use the KinesicsKit StartRecording method to turn on the microphone to record audio. To stop capturing audio, simply use the StopRecording method to turn off the sensor microphone. To playback audio, use the StartPlayback method.

The sensor array microphone can also serve as an audio source for speech recognition. Use SpeechKit for managing speech recognition.

Find a the Microsoft store for ordering Kinect sensor hardware.

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