Business-ready solutions and Application-ready development tools for deploying highly interactive technologies where needed.

Chant Company History and Vision

Chant is a leading provider of software and services that help organizations gain competitive advantage using advanced applications technologies. We help organizations identify and implement the most attractive opportunities appropriate for their company and industry.

As the first company to provide engine-independent class libraries for developing desktop, web-enabled, and telephony applications that use speech technology, Chant can help you implement applications that allow you to interact with your computer.

Computers can do more and be easier to use at the same time by taking advantage of advanced application technologies. We are focused on providing solutions that enable you to do more with your computer by interacting with it.

Chant works with technologies and vendors to develop turnkey solutions and developer tools. Chant developer tools are distributed through the major resellers serving developers around the world. We welcome you to contact us to determine how advanced application technologies can benefit your business.