Multilingual Apps Can Speak and Listen Anywhere using Latest Chant Tools

Chant Developer Workbench 2021 accelerates speech technology integration with most speech APIs and languages.

Los Angeles, California, August 9, 2021—Chant Inc., a leading independent vendor of speech and natural user interface technology tools and class libraries, announced today availability of a new version of its flagship toolset for developing software that speaks, listens, and interacts with users.

Chant Developer Workbench is comprised of essential tools and class libraries for integrating speech and NUI technology. It provides an IDE for developing and interactively testing speech and natural user interface technologies. Developers can manage conversations, grammars, movement, profiles, lexicons, speech, and text-to-speech markup directly within application software they develop and deploy using prebuilt class libraries.

"Speech technology is available in most languages on most platforms through a variety of interfaces and APIs," said John Earle, president and founder of Chant Inc. "With Developer Workbench 2021 class libraries, applications can listen and speak with a few lines of common code across programming languages and platforms."

New key features and capabilities provided by Chant Developer Workbench 2021 include:

  • Microsoft WindowsMedia support for C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, .NET, and UWP apps.
  • CereProc CereVoice SDK v6 support plus synchronized events with synthesis playback.
  • Updated support for Acapela, Cepstral, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft SAPI5, System.Speech, Microsoft.Speech, and Microsoft Speech Platform.
  • .NET assemblies for .NET Framework (4.5+), .NET Core (3.1), .NET (5.0) and others available via support inquiry.
  • Java JAR libraries for JDKs 1.8, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16.
  • Updated Visual Studio, RAD Studio, JDK (Eclipse, NetBeans, et. al.), Android Studio, and Xcode (Objective-C and Swift) sample projects for rapid application development.

US Pricing and Availability

Chant Developer Workbench 2021 can be ordered today. Pricing is $999 per developer and includes the Chant Developer Workbench interactive environment, a license for Audio Search 2, GrammarKit 7, KinesicsKit 5, LexiconKit 7, ProfileKit 7, SpeechKit 10, Talk&Listen 2, VoiceMarkupKit 7 and VoiceXMLKit 4. For more information about features and pricing, visit

About Chant

Chant Inc. is a leading provider of software and services that help organizations gain competitive advantage with speech and natural user interface technology. Chant is the first company to provide engine-independent middleware for developing desktop, embedded, and telephony applications that use speech and NUI technology. For more information, please visit

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