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Financial service providers have been at the forefront of adopting technology to provide enhanced value and services for their customers.

For example, ATMs enable account transacting without needing a teller. Advances in online banking have extended some of those services to personal computers and phones allowing transacting virtually from anywhere.

Imagine the benefits of having your finances managed for you.

Many customers prefer arms-length relationship with their bank. There is a lack of trust.

However, for those who do trust their financial service provider, consider the following strategic applications aimed at building one-to-one high-value customer relationships.

Personal CFO

Few would argue how a simple checking program like Quicken has impacted check writing. What started out as a check register and printing program has evolved into a personal financial management tool. Programs like Quicken still require the customer to have a financial plan and spend time organizing finances.

Financial service providers have a tremendous opportunity to help customers manage finances automatically. Automated bill payment, savings, long term investing, and discretionary spending can all be organized within a personalized budget that makes financial management simpler, less complicated, and less stressful. Think of it as a personal CFO that contacts the customer for important notifications and responds on demand for authorizing transactions.

Virtual CFO

For businesses to thrive, they rely on the CFO to steer them through the peaks and valleys of economic cycles. While most businesses use their own accounting software—desktop QuickBooks to ERP systems like SAP—they still require financial services to run their operations.

Payroll, Line-of-Credit, Invoicing, Receivables and Payables management can offer businesses of all sizes the key support needed to thrive especially in erratic economic cycles. Consider the financial service provider as an intermediary that can invoice customers, receive payments, deposit funds, managing payables to optimize cash flow, and maximize returns on cash reserves automatically. Think of it as a virtual CFO that automates and supports vital business functions.

Let us discuss how you can do more with your customers.

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