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While mounting budget deficits are making the headlines for most public sector agencies, the perception is that there are fewer headlines regarding what to do about it.

The universal opportunity among most agencies is to streamline processes and adopt technologies to enable them to achieve higher operational efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The "we've always done it that way" attitude is being ushered to the door as new approaches to public service delivery are being analyzed and adopted by agencies of all sizes.

Imagine applying for a permit or voting over the web or from your phone.

Sound farfetched? Well, it just may save your city and state a boatload of cash.

Applications and Permits

There is a cost assocated with managing all the paper in the bureaucracy. Migrating paper permit application forms, renewals, and billing to digital format with electronic payment provides a more efficient cost-effective solution. Online and telephony based systems can offer constituents efficient choices for filing and renewing applications on demand.


The ballot punch card chads have played an infamous role in many public elections. Adopting new processes and technologies can be challenging for institutions grounded in the past.

Rethinking the concept of a voting precinct and the methods of voting can offer increased voter turnout at dramatically reduced costs.

Let us discuss how you can do more with your constituents.

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