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While healthcare reform is the topic of most headlines in the news where solutions are hotly debated, most participants in the debate agree that improving healthcare delivery and reducing costs are essential.

Unfortunately, since so much energy is currently invested in the reform debate, solutions for cost containment struggle for attention in forums of the current conversations held by its stakeholders.

Imagine how patient care and administration can be transformed by adopting technologies that can dramatically reduce costs and enhance productivity.

Several commonsense solutions are changing the way patient care and management can offer quality healthcare for everyone.

Patient Care

Doctors can spend more quality time with patients if they are spending less time and money on record keeping. Hands free access to patient history during triage and diagnoses and medical record annotations and updates reduces administrative functions associated with patient care delivery.

Transforming the onsite and offsite warehouse racks of medical file folders to digital data enables modern information systems technology to be applied.

Put down the prescription pad and pen. Automated prescription administration, authorization, and delivery should be the norm.

Patient Management

Front and back office administration comprise the significant operating cost in managing patients. Medical office personnel spend an inordinate amount of time with tasks such as appointment scheduling, reminders, and confirmations, billing, and authorizations.

All of these tasks can be automated and integrated into unified patient management capabilities that reduce operating overhead costs.

Let us discuss how you can do more with your patients.

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