Last reviewed: 2/25/2023

Chant Developer Workbench 2023

Chant Developer Workbench includes tools and class libraries for developing, testing, and deploying apps that speak and listen.

Apps now can liberate the desktop, mobile, and server processes of the past to be operated hands-free and UI-less if desired.

Data capture, process control, and edutainment type apps are a few examples of where speech technology may be integrated to enhance modality beyond traditional screen tap, keyboard, and mouse interfaces.

Chant tools and class libraries simplify the process of integrating speech technology by providing common ways in which to work with different speech APIs.

The Developer Workbench tool environment uses the Chant class libraries to access speech technologies and provide ways to design and test application scenarios without having to write code. This way you know what works before implementing a solution based on it.

Developer's Guide

This guide discusses what you need to know about setting up your development environment for creating apps that speak and listen.

See the other Chant product guides to explore how the Developer Workbench can be used to design and test before developing apps that integrate speech technology.