Last reviewed: 2/25/2023

Chant Application Helpers

Chant Application Helpers provide ready-to-use capabilities for fast application integration. They are designed to yield specific results with minimal application coding requirements.

Chant Developer Workbench 2023 includes the following application helpers:

  • Audio Search for finding the time offsets for specific words, phrases, and subphrases in audio recordings;
  • Speech Manager for creating and scheduling speech recognition transcription and speech synthesis requests; and
  • Talk&Listen for simple invocation of speech synthesis and speech recognition.

Some applications do not require access to the extensive features offered by speech technology SDKs and Chant product class libraries. Application Helpers offer a way to leverage specific capabilities without having to master the low-level details of SDKs or implement complex application architectures. Powerful new capabilities can be integrated in many cases with only one new line of code.

For more information about the Chant Application Helpers, review the following topics: