Problem reports identifying issues, causes, and resolutions.

Developer Workbench 2023 unable to unlock access to product libraries
Unlicensed product warnings display when invoking Developer Workbench 2023 functions.

AndroidManifest.template.xml file missing from cross-platform samples
Building cross-platform samples targeting Android generates GetXmlValues Error.

Sample build fails in RAD Studio 11.3 with unresolved references
Building cross-platform Delphi and C++Builder apps targeting Android in RAD Studio 11.3 fail to link because of unresolved references.

TChantRecognizer and TChantSynthesizer unable to be downcast
Downcasting TChantRecognizer and TChantSynthesizer to the default platform class fails.

TChantRecognizer and TChantSynthesizer fails for Android and iOS
Building cross-platform samples in Delphi and C++Builder with targets Android or iOS results in errors.

Developer Workbench 2023 registration generates invalid credentials
Registering Developer Workbench 2023 generates invalid credentials.

SR Grammars with Semantic Interpretation Markup fail to load (enable)
Enabling speech recognition grammars with semantic interpretation markup fail for Windows apps.

Developer Workbench 2023 64-bit menu shortcut launches 2022 edition
Launching Developer Workbench 2023 64-bit edition from the Chant Start menu folder launches the 2022 64-bit edition.

Reset Window Layout and docking may fail to persist layout correctly
Switching between tab windows does not persist docking window layout correctly.

Unable to add a command to command vocabulary without properties
Adding a command to a command vocabulary without properties fails for WindowsMedia recognizer.

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