It is a Matter of Semantics

May 24, 2023

Microsoft Speech Semantic Interpretation Markup gives you unbounded power

The W3C SRGS XML grammar text file format is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) grammar adapted for speech recognition. W3C SRGS XML grammars are expressed with XML elements and attributes.

One of those elements, the <tag> element, is an arbitrary string that may be included inline within any legal rule expansion. Any number of tags may be included inline within a rule expansion. The content of tag is CDATA. Bingo!

Microsoft uses this feature to support tag CDATA that is interpreted when matching rules through the use of Semantic Interpretation Markup and enhances the data returned with recognized speech.

To explore the power of semantics, review Knowledge Base article H032307 for details about Designing Speech Recognition Grammars (SRGS) with Semantic Interpretation Markup.

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