Microsoft Updates Take Center Stage

November 9, 2022

Visual Studio 17.4 ushers in .NET 7, C# 11, and native Arm64 support

The .NET Conference 2022 is celebrating the announcement of .NET 7 general availability. To some, that is burying the lead: Visual Studio release 17.4. This release is a long term supported release packed with expanded development tools, targets, and templates.

If you look back in history for the unification of framework libraries and support for platforms of all shapes and sizes, it was originally a goal of .NET 5. So much has happened in the world to disrupt and complicate those plans that once you review all the new updates, you likely will be wowed with all that is finally here.

We are updating our build systems with the latest generally available releases. Let us know your plans and what you need from these new technologies. We can provide turnkey apps if you no longer want to build them yourself. Contact us (310-410-9895) to help you explore your options.