.NET 7: Unified, Modern, Simple, and Fast

November 11, 2022

New Chant libraries for .NET 7 are now available

Microsoft is touting that .NET 7 is unified, modern, simple, and fast. On-stack replacement (OSR) performance boost, JSON serialization improvements, generic math innovations, and regular expression handling optimizations are some of the key enhancements to support these claims.

New .NET 7 Chant assemblies are available for AudioSearch, GrammarKit, KinesicsKit, LexiconKit, ProfileKit, SpeechKit, SpeechManager, Talk&Listen, VoiceMarkupKit, and VoiceXMLKit in the latest Chant Developer Workbench 2022 installation.

The best way to see for yourself what .NET 7 can do for you is to try it. Let us know your thoughts, if you need assistance, or have questions. We can provide turnkey apps if you no longer want to build them yourself. Contact us (310-410-9895) to help you explore your options.